Honey Bee Rescue will rid your Amador County property of bees and beehives in an environmently friendly way. As beekeepers, we collect honey bee swarms from any property and relocate them to a suitable location.

We provide nourishment in the form of brood and honeycomb and monitor the queen for good qualities such as egg-laying qualities, resistance to mites and good temperment.

We serve Amador County, including Amador City, Buena Vista, Camanche, Drytown, Fiddletown, Ione, Jackson, Martell, Plymouth, Pioneer, Pine Grove, Red Corral, River Pines, Sutter Creek and Volcano. Send a note or call

Tom Cannon at 209-535-0338

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5000-8000 bees ...
near Lake Amador ...
on June 2, 2012 ...
all safely relocated.
Safety first!
See the article on raw honey
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